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4 Board Members vote to "pause" in person public input

Four members of the school board, including all 3 incumbents seeking reelection voted to “pause” in person public input in part because they felt it wasn’t safe. The four board members that voted in favor of silencing the public temporarily are Dave Nickels, Lisa Johnston, Meredith Sauer & Kerry Trask. I have been going to all the board meetings with public input since August, and I have never once been concerned about my safety.

I can honestly tell you I have felt less safe at the Bears Packers game at Lambeau in December (as a Bears fan) than I do at these board meetings. Does anybody really believe they were scared when Mike Mealy peacefully and calmly walked up stage to serve them last board meeting? Maybe instead of trying to shutdown public input they should embrace the concerns of their constituents and face them head on instead of hiding. Strong leaders do not hide when the going gets tough. They rise to the occasion and lead the path to victory.

My assessment of the situation is that the incumbents are desperate to control the narrative as we get closer to the April 5 election and this is a calculated political move to try and do that. There will be no escape for them and they will all need to publicly answer for their resumes which read “bottom 8%”


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