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 Last Fall, the Manitowoc Public Library board was made aware by a citizen member of the board that students have access to adult content through virtual library cards issued by Manitowoc schools.


 Common search words like moon, 365, candy, and more produce adult content through the Manitowoc Public Library:


What's concerning: this is just a small portion of the over 1,000 "mature adult" titles that a cardholder of any age can check out.

Moon Result 2.JPG

After searching "Moon" - the pictured result will appear. Now click "Preview." Why is this accessible to our children?

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With the search of the word, "candy," these are the 6th and 7th result.

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Typing in "Nerd" shows this erotic book result

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Blurred Web Post.png

After searching, "365" via the Manitowoc Library, our children will see the pictured results on page 2 (#17 and #18).

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Typing in the letter "G" shows this first result

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Children shouldn't have access to this content. Please help me in getting some common sense measures put in place to protect our children. Here is where you can start:

Local Level:

  1. Send an email to the library board of trustees president, Chris Able: asking that this be addressed at the next board meeting.

  2. When you send the above email, please copy the library trustee, Margaret Pauwels:

  3. Ask that your message be included as public correspondence at the next board meeting.

  4. Contact our local State Representative, Paul Tittl and ask that this be addressed at a state level. Paul can be reached at: In your email to Paul include your home address. The virtual library database is statewide and not exclusive to our community.


You can opt your child out of the virtual library card if you are concerned about the content while we wait on a better safeguard:

Thank you to Margaret Pauwels and Chris Able (Manitowoc Public Library Board) for working to get this resolved. In addition, thank you to for bringing this to light for the parents in our community. Although the opt out option is a great start, many parents aren't aware that their children HAVE a school issued virtual library card.

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