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My Promise to You

I will give this role the same energy and commitment I give my business. I will prepare for meetings, do my research, and follow the truth wherever it may lead in the interest of improving results for our students and community. I will not sit by quietly and tolerate failure or mediocrity. I will raise the bar for my peers on the board and the MPSD to get the best results possible. I am relentless and not afraid to openly question authority, when appropriate. I can do this without being annoying or burning bridges needed to get things done. It’s more important for me to get it right instead of being the one who gets it right. 

I am open minded and will make myself available to parents in the district and hear them out on issues, as needed. The same will apply to my peers on the board and any MPSD administrators or teachers. I will push for accountability from the superintendent relating to our district’s performance. If our school’s performance continues to decline, I will exert my authority and influence to the extent possible and replace him with leadership that is able to improve results in our schools. 

I am not a politician, nor do I have any political ambition, I look at this role as community service and not a steppingstone to a career in politics. If you want a board member who will fight for our community, demand accountability, has a proven track record of performance and is not afraid to challenge the status quo when needed-I'm your guy.


Tony Vlastelica

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