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5 Key Functions of a Good School Board

Our current board is missing the mark on all of the “5 Key Functions of a Good School Board”. It’s imperative that we reset the culture of our board immediately for the sake of our students and community.

In addition, “school districts are complex organizations and require a governing board that collectively have a range of skills, from managing a budget of often millions of dollars to responding to the needs of parents, guardians, and children...” (full article posted below, source for this quote and content for "5 Key Functions" image.)

Not only is it imperative that we correct the culture of our board but it’s also important that our school board be composed of members with diverse backgrounds and skills. I’ve managed a for-profit business for well over a decade, I have significant experience in talent acquisition, leading and managing people (starting my first company while I was still in college), I also have extensive experience in building plans and executing on those plans. Matthew Spaulding is a former law enforcement officer and Matthew Phipps, a current business owner who started his career as a public school teacher. Our board’s lack of strong leadership and a clear plan is a big reason why our district is currently ranked in the bottom 8% of all districts in Wisconsin.

You won’t find 3 more qualified candidates with such diverse skill sets. Vote for all 3, Two Matts and a Tony, on April 5th.

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