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January's School Board Meeting

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The best way to have your voice heard in our district is to address the board of education and speak at public input. The next meeting with public input is Tuesday, January 11th @ 7pm at Wilson Middle School.


If you don’t have children that attend one of our public schools, it doesn’t matter! We all need to speak up for the children that live here – these are the future leaders of our community!

Live stream available by clicking the image above or visiting


We need to show up in big numbers, the last board meeting had very low attendance. Thank you to those that were there. There will be a big vote next week on the mask policy going forward in our schools and this is your chance to address the board and superintendent before they decide how to proceed.

Sign up to speak during public input:

If you click on this link and scroll to the bottom you can sign up to speak at public input, Please be sure to read the instructions and be mindful that you’re addressing actual people, it’s ok to be direct and honest in your input but please be kind.

Note from Tony:

I’ll be in attendance on Tuesday and would be happy to speak with any of you before or after the meeting.

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