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Metric: State Ranking on WI District Report Card

Why do you think Elmbrook Schools uses the metric “state ranking on WI district report card” in their annual goals (top 3 being their goal in K4-12 districts)? Do you think if the MPSD was in the top 5 and not the bottom 8% they would be OK with the word “ranking”?

The other side is gaslighting the public into believing that we're not in the bottom 8% of all districts. Try as they might, there will be no escape from the truth for any of them.

I’m a high performer, all high performers want to know how they measure up against those around them, they don’t fight transparency. They know that they need to benchmark against the best in order to get better asking “what are they doing that we could be doing?”

If elected to the board on April 5th this would be a metric that I’d also find important to track. You can’t fix or improve on what you're unwilling to measure. Elmbrook Schools full board goals available here. Elmbrook does a fantastic job of defining clear and measurable targets. This is the first step our leaders must take if we are going to begin turning things around in our district.

Vote 2 Matts and a Tony on April 5th if you agree that we can do better.

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