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Radical Leftists sending out the bat-signal to outside groups

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Results so unpopular the incumbents are sending out the bat signal to outside radical leftist groups - come out to Manitowoc and help spread the word about how our district went from the bottom 32% to bottom 8% with them leading. Why would anyone vote for them again? Our grassroots movement is local and supported by the people of Manitowoc that we seek to represent.

Three local dads looking to make positive change for our students and community. We don't need to bring in outside groups to get our message out. Vote two Matts and a Tony on April 5th or vote this week if you won't be around on April 5th.

Check out the Issues and Ideas section of my website for issues that I've identified in our district and some ideas that I have to help improve the results.

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